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The Måløy Marine Resource Centre (MMR Ocean Blue) Foundation aims to strengthen trade and industry in the region by communicating, developing and implementing R&D projects, and building industry-relevant R&D infrastructure.

MMR Ocean Blue is being developed in close collaboration between the marine industry and the academic environment in the marine sector, and it will work with industry-relevant projects in the marine sector.

MMR Ocean Blue will work with R&D in aquaculture, fishing and new marine industries. The focus will be on biological production, optimal utilization of and value creation related to marine raw materials.

Our ambition is that MMR Ocean Blue will develop into a research institute with approx. 35 employees.


    The Måløy Marine Resource Centre Foundation
    MMR Ocean Blue

    Gate 1 no 215
    NO – 6700 MÅLØY

Roger Bergset - MMR Ocean Blue -

Roger Bergset

Trond-Inge Kvernevik